Guest Writer Guidelines

While most of the stories you’ll see on this blog are written by people who participate in the workshops I lead, I welcome stories from others as well. Please let me know if you’re interested in submitting by writing to me at

Here are some guidelines for submissions.

  1. Keep it short. If the story is exceptionally compelling, I’ll run it longer but, generally speaking, blog readers want something under 800 words so please keep that as a max word guideline.
  2. Include an image if you can. Photos really help to make the story come alive (and make me more likely to publish it). Heck send me more than one!
  3. Make it real. The story should be about something that actually happened in your life. You can embellish (none of us remembers ALL the details), but don’t change the essential truth.

And you should be aware that publication on a curated blog such as this is considered “publication” where contests are concerned. If you think you might want to submit a particular story to a contest, best not to submit it here.

But, otherwise? If you’ve got a story that you’re willing to share, send it on to

(Many thanks to Sarah White, of True Stories Well Told, who inspired this page).