I’m back!

Hi all,

It’s been a busy busy spring/summer what with leading two workshop series at SFU Continuing Ed, as well as a workshop series in my home. I finally just gave up on getting a blog out during this period. Many is the  time however, that I’ve wanted to share a story or two (or three or four or ….) with you and so I’m very glad story sharing can begin again.

Also a lot of  people are asking me about what I’ll be offering in the fall in terms of GAB sessions so I’ll be getting out a newsletter update about this very soon.

It’s been great to see such enthusiasm for guided autobiography. I actually had to lead an extra workshop series at SFU because the waitlist was so long. I know that the creative writing courses are popular with students in the 55+ program at SFU but the students  tell me it’s not just because of that, it’s because of what GAB offers–the overall approach but specifically, the sharing and support that happens in the small groups.

And the group I led at home? For most of them, this was their third series of GAB sessions. Again, it’s the sharing that keeps them coming back but also, they admit, it’s the prod to keep writing. And let me tell you, I have witnessed their writing take off over the many weeks of hearing their stories. They blow me away with their stories.

Over the summer I’ll bring you stories on this blog written by my GABers. Watch for one this week. But I’ll also be editing a video that will give people a better feel for what happens in the sessions, and I’ll be refining the sessions. I learn so much from my students and I’m anxious to put this learning to practice.

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