How do you respond to feedback on your writing?

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I hope your summer is going well so far, that you are enjoying good weather and maybe a bit of relaxing downtime. I’m doing that, but I’m also doing a bit of professional development, checking in on information to enhance my teaching. Found something I want to share with budding writers.

One of the blogs I subscribe to is authored by Jane Friedman. Jane offers writing and publishing support and often shares good advice. Today, for example, she provided a great overview about self-publishing and I will be drawing upon this for GAB in the future. But she also had a post in which she talks about the various responses writers can have to feedback, especially any feedback that suggests the need for more work. It’s something I worry about as I’m often providing writing feedback for GAB participants, many of whom are new at this game. I know that anything less than glowing feedback can be difficult to hear. Hey, I’ve been there.  I also know that it was much harder for me the first few times I saw all those red marks on my text than it is now. I’ve gained some confidence in my skill, and I’ve learned to recognize the editorial suggestions/corrections that I know will improve the writing. I’m often rushed and grateful for that second pair of careful eyes.

Anyway, if you can relate to “feedback sensitivity,” I encourage you to read Jane Friedman’s post, “How Do You Respond to Criticism of Your Work: 6 Patterns to Recognize.” 

And then, enjoy that G&T on the patio (or walk in the park).

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